Logo Modulo Lem

Modulo Lem Association aims to promote and develop all aspects of media and movement-image.

It was founded in Venice in 2004 by Luca Evangelisti, Massimiliano Maltoni and Elena Pollacchi, film experts and management professionals with years of experience in the organisation of cultural events and film festivals, the Venice Film Festival and Turin Film Festival being the most prestigious ones. In 2006 drama actor and director Enrico Pastore, who works mainly in Piedmont area, joined them.

Modulo Lem planned and managed the international film festival "Incontri Cinematografici di Stresa", whose sixth edition ran June 1-6, 2011, on the Maggiore Lake.
Modulo Lem partecipated in the Tuscany Dream project and in the movie screenings "Le tre cine", promoted by AGIS Palermo at Kals'Art 2005. It planned and presented "Hollywood Giudecca", the most comprehensive research on Scalera Film in Venice. It was and is involved in many other cinema events, "Swiss Cinema in Venice" being the most recent one.